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fulke greville Quotes
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Fulke Greville Quotes



    • In night when colours all to black are cast, Distinction lost, or gone down with the light; The eye-a watch to inward senses placed, Not seeing, yet still having power of sight- Gives vain alarums to the inward sense.
    • Three things there be in man's opinion dear, Fame, many friends, and fortune's dignities: False visions all, which in our sense appear, To sanctify desire's idolatry.
    • We that are bound by vows and by promotion, With pomp of holy sacrifice and rites, To teach belief in good and still devotion, To preach of heaven's wonders and delights- Yet, when each of us in his own heart looks, He finds the God there far unlike his books.
    • O wearisome condition of humanity!
    • And out of mind as soon as out of sight. 1
    • Hard-hearted minds relent and rigor's tears abound, And envy strangely rues his end, in whom no fault was found. Knowledge her light hath lost, valor hath slain her knight, Sidney is dead, dead is my friend, dead is the world's delight.
    • fulke greville

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