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george ii of great britain Quotes
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George II of Great Britain Quotes

Birth Date: 1683-03-01 (Monday, March 1st, 1683)
Date of Death: 1737-11-20 (Wednesday, November 20th, 1737)


george ii of great britain life timeline

King George II of Great Britain grants the Ohio Company a charter of land around the forks of the Ohio River.Monday, May 19th, 1749


    • Non, j'aurai des maitresses.
    • I hate bainting, and boetry too! Neither the one nor the other ever did any good.
    • If he is mad, so much the better; and if he is mad, I hope to God he'll bite some of my generals.
    • He had the haughtiness of Henry the Eighth, without his spirit; the avarice of Henry the Seventh, without his exactions; the indignities of Charles the First, without his bigotry for his prerogative; the vexations of King William, with as little skill in the management of parties; and the gross gallantry of his father, without his goodnature or his honesty:- he might, perhaps, have been honest, if he had never hated his father, or had ever loved his son.
    • george ii of great britain

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