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hossein elahi ghomshei Quotes
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Hossein Elahi Ghomshei Quotes



    • Love is described by the Sufis as the remedy of all ills and the alchemy of existence. Love transforms poverty into riches, pauper into prince, war into peace, ignorance into knowledge and hell into heaven.
    • Persian Sufi poetry is animated by a vision of divine beauty-that beauty which is in the words of Keats, 'a joy forever.' This beauty is also, in the theological vocabulary of the Koran, the 'Light of the Heavens and the Earth.' The Truth underlying Appearance, the Absolute Being, the One who is 'like unto none'. All round the world my heart has gone but like unto Him found no one' There is none like Him, none like Him, none!
    • hossein elahi ghomshei

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