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immanuel jakobovits Quotes
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Immanuel Jakobovits Quotes



    • Our Sages refer to Prayer as 'Service of the Heart'. But the heart cannot work properly unless the brain functions to stimulate and control its operation. In the physiology of Prayer, too, the mind plays as vital a role as the heart.
    • Even if one is familiar with the precise meaning of everything one recites, the act of worship can hardly have any significance at all unless it registers the overall message each part of our prayers is meant to convey.
    • Like sacrifices, prayer is intended to change man, not God. Its purpose is to cultivate a contrite heart, to promote feelings of humility and inadequacy in man, whilst encouraging reliance on Divine assistance.
    • In all 'benedictions', be they expressing plea or thanksgiving, we affirm that God is the 'source' of every bounty we enjoy and of every favour we seek.
    • Realise that man is comparable to the brute creation except when uplifted by the loving Covenant initiated with our Patriarchs.
    • immanuel jakobovits

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