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joseph silk Quotes
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Joseph Silk Quotes



    • The left hand of creation
    • The Infinite has to be a relative concept. Go any distance: an infinite space means that there is more to be explored.
    • Our knowledge of physics only takes us back so far. Before this instant of cosmic time, all the laws of physics or chemistry are as evanescent as rings of smoke.
    • Science is paramount, but presents no challenge to a creed that rests on faith-based belief.
    • The beauty of science and the nature of scientific revelations constiture part of the modern theologian's perspective and toolbox.
    • Four predictions of the Big Bang Theory have now been verified - surely enough to quench even the most biased critics.
    • One can always find inflationary models to explain whatever phenomenon is represented by the flavour of the month.
    • Nowadays, cosmology seems rather unexciting.
    • joseph silk

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