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ralston bowles Quotes
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Ralston Bowles Quotes



    • 'We are Fragile, everyone. We all long for something more. Things are said and things are done and the pieces hit the floor. See how fragile.'
    • 'I am not who I would like to be, It's just who I am right now.'
    • 'I am but a draper in a room of wool, looking at the patterns, feeling like a fool. I'm going to take my fabric, stretch it to the seams, I want to find what's woven underneath these tailored dreams'
    • 'When I go let it be like James Dean, I don't want to die slow.'
    • 'These carwreck conversations always seem to end this way, with me knocked out on the gurney and you serenely pull away.'
    • 'I just believe that life is more than rehearsing how to die.'
    • 'If heaven is the reason and dieing is the door, than why aren't we all leaving what's the drama for?'
    • 'When did he cross that line from a person to a textile shrine?'
    • ralston bowles

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