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sangeeta niranjan Quotes
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Sangeeta Niranjan Quotes



    • 'I feel that no amount of women's participation can be said to be enough.'
    • 'If a women is capable, deserving of a position of authority, then her gender should not be an issue. She should be judged on the basis of her ability and her competence and not because she is a woman.'
    • 'Seeing capable women holding positions of authority and importance in the country is very encouraging to young people, especially girls.'
    • 'Women must believe in themselves.'
    • 'Once I became an adult, I finally began to get a sense of who I really am. I think that I developed my talents much, much more when I became an adult, actually when I got married.'
    • 'No marriage is solid. There are always ups and downs. But we have learnt through those times and I was touched when celebrating my birthday recently, my husband stood up to make a speech and he said that I was a woman of substance.'
    • 'I love nice long walks, inspirational novels of influential people. I'm reading Kennedy - An Unfinished Life at the moment. And nothing beats listening to music and having tea with friends.'
    • sangeeta niranjan

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