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shunroku hata Quotes
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Shunroku Hata Quotes



    • We are against dependence on a change in the international situation for the solution of the China Incident.
    • I retained no records and I am not a good writer anyhow. So the best approach is for historians like you to extract the facts directly from people like me.
    • Asia, in cooperation with Europe, is about to take simultaneous action towards realization of a New World Order.
    • The kind of slaughter and violence that we have seen in this war, was in my experience very rare during the Russo-Japanese war. In modern war, the whole people are mobilized. Hence the majority of the troops correspond to the people as a whole. An army in which scandals and atrocities occur in great numbers, must surely reflect a decline in public morality?
    • As the rising sun melts thinly frozen ice, so the Japanese Army is overcoming Chinese troops.
    • I will take responsibility for all operations.
    • We should not miss the present opportunity or we shall be blamed by posterity.
    • shunroku hata

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