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sir sidney lee Quotes
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Sir Sidney Lee Quotes



    • a purely literal interpretation of the impassioned protestations of affection for a 'lovely boy', which course through the sonnets, casts a slur on the dignity of the poet's name which scarcely bears discussion
    • I believe that the luxuriance of Shakespeare's dramatic instinct largely dominates that outburst of lyric melody which gives the Sonnets their life.
    • Discriminating brevity is a law of the right biographic method.
    • Reading is a wrestling with ideas greater than any we can create for ourselves. It has been said, a little extravagantly, that reading can get the better of most physical sufferings, all indeed save the pangs of hunger.
    • He had a splendid appetite at all times, and never toyed with his food
    • Shakespeare's relations with men and women of the court involved him at the outset in emotional conflicts, which form the subject-matter of his 'Sonnets'
    • Shakespeare avows, although in phraseology that is often cryptic, the experiences of his own heart
    • sir sidney lee

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