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the queen mother elizabeth Quotes
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the Queen Mother Elizabeth Quotes


the queen mother elizabeth life timeline

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother at Westminster Abbey.Tuesday, April 9th, 2002


    • 'We'd have to go self-service.'
    • 'Whatever would American tourists think?'
    • 'Is it just me or are pensioners getting younger these days?'
    • 'Is that wise, darling? Remember you have to reign all afternoon.'
    • 'I hadn't realised I enjoyed that reputation. But as I do, perhaps you could make it a large one.'
    • 'The chopper has changed my life as conclusively as it did Anne Boleyn's.'
    • 'Oh, I understand that perfectly. That's how we feel in Scotland too, but the English won't allow it.'
    • Canadian veteran: Are you Scotch or English? Elizabeth: I'm Canadian!
    • 'I wouldn't if I were you, Noel; they count them before they put them out.'
    • 'When one of you young queens has finished, can you bring this old queen a drink?'
    • 'Not very romantic.'
    • 'Who are you supposed to be, dear? Are you Daddy or the Mad Hatter?'
    • 'I'll polish it off myself.'
    • Whilst playing cards,
    • 'Was this yours? Oh, could you take it?'
    • 'But I love communists!'
    • 'The princesses could not possibly leave without me; I wouldn't leave the King, and the King will never leave under any circumstances.'
    • 'I am almost glad we have been bombed. Now I feel I can look the East End in the face.'
    • 'The only other man who has ever done that to me was my husband.'
    • 'We loved him.'
    • 'Never trust them, never trust them. They can't be trusted.'
    • If [Winston] Churchill is the man in Europe I must fear most, then surely she is the woman I have most to fear of in Europe.
    • [She should be] Hung, drawn and...quartered...hung in diamonds, drawn in a coach, and...quartered in the best house in the land.
    • the queen mother elizabeth

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