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alessandro pavolini Quotes

Alessandro Pavolini Quotes



    • Nothing irritates us [Fascists] so much as to be taken for pillars of order. Nothing so exasperates us as the people who come to us through fear of Communism. Those good people [who are fearful of all social change] will have to realize, and we shall soon make them realize, that the weight of the social problem is now on our shoulders and that they would be wiser to fear us than to fear Communism.
    • He will be immediately avenged!
    • Only the Duce must give them orders, have you forgotten that? You have forgotten finally too much. How disgusting.
    • Churchill must not forget that the Italians have nothing more to lose and they possess a courage of despair.
    • All those traitors who were morally against fascism during the shameful forty-five days following July 25 must inexorably be wiped out.
    • alessandro pavolini

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