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ali meshkini Quotes

Ali Meshkini Quotes



    • I recommend that the pilgrims [to Mecca and Al-Medina] pray there, that they be persistent in their prayer. Prayer is a very good way of worshiping God. They should not forget to pray. But for every prayer there should also be a curse. Your prayers should also include curses. Pray for the good and curse the evil. Say: 'My Lord, end the lives of three people shortly - Bush, Sharon, and Blair. End their lives and the lives of their followers. Ask the Lord.
    • Bush has said something new. He said, 'If I will be president again, I will be a man of peace and serenity.' May the Lord curse the liars, wherever they may be.
    • Following World War II, the Jews... The Zionists tried to present themselves as oppressed, and to have opportunities in the world. They invented a false claim. They said that Hitler, the Germans, and the Austrians burned six million Jews in crematoria - six million Jews. They tried very hard to convince the world that this issue, this lie, was true, and they succeeded.
    • The only legitimate government in the world, is the Iranian government.
    • Islam is a religion that wants to run the world. It has done so before and eventually, will run it (again)....Islam came and abrogated all (other religions)....Its high time Iraq established a Just Islamic regime under the supervision of the Grand Ayatollah Sistani and God willing, they will get somewhere.
    • You should make the world understand that Israel is the oppressor and that Israel must be destroyed.
    • The people of Afghanistan should know that America is not their friend and that America's war and peace with all other countries are based on its own interests.[2]
    • A hardliner, Meshkini was among the proponents of the theory that the legitimacy of Iran's clerics to rule the country is derived from God.
    • Although he had a top position in the Islamic Republic as the head of the Leadership Assembly of Experts, he always lived a humble life.
    • Hashemi Rafsanjani is Meshkini's 1st deputy in the Assembly of Experts
    • Ebrahim Amini is Meshkini's 2nd deputy in the Assembly of Experts
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