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allen sarven Quotes

Allen Sarven Quotes



    • 'Heh heh heh heh Head.'
    • 'Stop the voices! Stop them!'
    • 'Looks like you need a little head.'
    • 'Doin' the J-O-B at the P-P-V.'
    • 'Help me!'
    • 'What does everybody want?'
    • 'I'm sorry, but you are not tough enough.'
    • 'But NOOOOOOO!!!!'
    • Let's go, Head Cheese!'
    • 'Head Head Head Head Head!!'
    • (When asked if he got something for Sabu on their 10 year anniversary fight on XPW) 'Well I got together and counted the nickels and pennies and went to radio shack I know Sabu is a fan of electronics, Bloomingdale sure had some nice things but well, I couldn't find anything good enough so I guess I will just have to give him an ass kicking'
    • 'And people used to think it was weird when I talked to a mannequin head...' (Said after seeing Gregory Helms on his superhero 'Hurricane' skit and talking to him)
    • 'Not now, I'm wrestling!!' (Said to head during a match on his early run on WWF)
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