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anselme bellegarrigue Quotes

Anselme Bellegarrigue Quotes



    • Indeed: Who says anarchy, says negation of government; Who says negation of government, says affirmation of the people; Who says affirmation of the people, says individual liberty; Who says individual liberty, says sovereignty of each; Who says sovereignty of each, says equality; Who says equality, says solidarity or fraternity; Who says fraternity, says social order; By contrast: Who says government, says negation of the people; Who says negation of the people, says affirmation of political authority; Who says affirmation of political authority, says individual dependency; Who says individual dependency, says class supremacy; Who says class supremacy, says inequality; Who says inequality, says antagonism; Who says antagonism, says civil war; From which it follows that who says government, says civil war.
    • There are no tyrants, there are only slaves.
    • anselme bellegarrigue

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