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arthur guiterman Quotes

Arthur Guiterman Quotes



    • The Deer don't dine When a Wolf's about, And the Porcupine Sticks his quill-points out.
    • Commute with me, my Love, and be merry; How vain in the City to dwell When apple-trees blow in Dobbs' Ferry And lilacs adorn New Rochelle! White Plains is the Garden of Allah And Pelham's the Pearl of the Sea; There's bliss in the name of Valhalla -- Oh, fly to the Suburbs with me!
    • Oh, who would choose to be a traveler? -- That anxious railway-guide unraveler Who spends his nights in berths and bunks, His days in chaperoning trunks; Who stands in line at gates and wickets To spend his means on costly tickets To Irkutsk, Liverpool and Yap And other dots upon the map.
    • The three-toed tree-toad Sings his sweet ode To the moon; The funny bunny And his honey Trip in tune.
    • It's lovely having grass and trees and flowers (Of course, at times, mosquitoes are a pest). Yes, life is life out here in Rangely Towers (Of course Some People like the city best)!
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