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barbara amiel Quotes

Barbara Amiel Quotes



    • Has political correctness turned us all into a bunch of ninnies? Joe Lieberman is a deeply religious and observant Jew. Terrific. But a similar Christian would be described as evangelical at least and probably as a fundamentalist. Just imagine the outrage over a fundamentalist Christian as vice-president. I find the hypocrisy hair-raising.
    • My extravagance knows no bounds.
    • I have been a bitch all my life and did not need the authority of money to be one. I am a North London Jew who has read a bit of history. This means I know this: in a century that has seen the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian, British and Soviet empires, reversal of fortune is the rich bitch's reality. One might as well keep working and have the family's Vuitton suitcases packed.
    • My dears, apart from Anatole France and Albert Schweitzer, there is no man interested in anything but sex.
    • barbara amiel

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