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baruch ashlag Quotes

Baruch Ashlag Quotes



    • 'The goal of creation is-to please the creation, i.e. the Creator wants to fill us with the very best. And until a man receives all the very perfect and the very best that has been ordained for him by the Creator, he experiences the lack of everything, and this is the sign that he hasn't yet reached the goal of the creation.'
    • 'A man has been entrusted to receive the Goal of creation by correcting himself. This action is called: 'Which has been created by the Creator to be done.' This correction is the obtaining of the 'intention to bestow.' Only in the degree of obtaining such an intention does a man become capable to receive what has been ordained for him by the Creator.'
    • 'The Creator is called-'Clearing the eyes of the man'-by the name of the action, which He performs by removing Malchut from the eyes of Partzuf. When the Creator removes the egoism from the eyes of a man, a man is awarded to discover the good.'
    • 'When one begins to work in order to bestow, and this goes against ones nature, this is called 'toil,' since the body (refers to ones wills and desires) opposes it, being that any movement which the body does not see that it will be use for itself, it opposes with all of its strength, and tremendous powers are needed to overcome it.'
    • baruch ashlag

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