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beaumont and fletcher Quotes

Beaumont and Fletcher Quotes



    • Great things thro' greatest hazards are achiev'd, And then they shine.
    • It is always good When a man has two irons in the fire.
    • As cold as cucumbers.
    • Kiss till the cow comes home.
    • There is a method in man's wickedness- It grows up by degrees.
    • Upon my buried body lie lightly, gentle earth.
    • Philaster: Oh, but thou dost not know What 'tis to die. Bellario: Yes, I do know, my lord: 'Tis Less than to be born, a lasting sleep; A quiet resting from all jealousy A thing we all pursue; I know, besides, 'Tis but a giving over of a game That must be lost.
    • The devil take the hindmost!
    • Calamity is man's true touchstone.
    • Though I say it that should not say it.
    • You are no better than you should be.
    • I care not two-pence.
    • John Fletcher
    • beaumont and fletcher

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