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brandon bam margera Quotes

Brandon Bam Margera Quotes



    • (When asked what he will do next) Whatever the fuck I want.
    • It's my BMW, my 'Boozed up Moron Wagon'!
    • Don't Feed Phil! and we got bumper stickers too.
    • Why don`t you put you ass where your face is!
    • (puts a lot of porrige oats in his mouth and pretends to puke. Ape comes in and he wants to give her the fake puke, but she refuses to take it):
    • Oh, God. Please don't let there be a Jackass 3! Please, please, please. God. Don't let there be a Jackass 3! I don't even like doing 2!
    • I gotta go jerk off to see if it's still working.
    • Since we no longer have to bleep cuss words, I promise I will get my mom to say, 'fuck' by the end of this movie.
    • (dressed as an old man) Whose dick do I gotta suck to get some explosions around here?
    • There are so many trees there you can't miss them. We missed them all.
    • Phil's gets off work in 15 minutes and I got 20 paintballs up in this biatch and he's going to fucking die.
    • I'm half sorry and a medium jerk!
    • It look's like it cost elenteen dollars!*
    • Do you know what old people and these trees have in common? They're both gonna end up in the ground soon!
    • It's easier to get Slayer to play in my back-yard than to get a date for Don Vito
    • Girls gone ape shit: It's a mixture of bum fights and girls gone wild (beats up Tony Hawk's fellow skateboarders).
    • There's two things that kick ass, wind, and unicorns!
    • brandon bam margera

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