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david mellor Quotes

David Mellor Quotes



    • [Sir James Goldsmith] has got nothing to be smug about, and I would like to say that 1,500 votes is a derisory total. We have shown tonight that the Referendum Party is dead in the water, and Sir James can get off back to Mexico knowing your attempt to buy the British political system has failed.
    • There is no design involved. It would look tawdry down the wrong end of a beach in Torremolinos. This isn't a case of just not wanting it in my backyard. This area is historically significant with listed buildings and it's next to the Tower of London, which is a world heritage site.
    • Since the great days of Jimmy Greaves, it's the only time anyone's managed to score five times in a Chelsea shirt.
    • This is the first time in ages that David Mellor has done the decent thing.
    • david mellor

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