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david myatt Quotes

David Myatt Quotes



    • 'Our society is besotted by the cult of the ego: books, television programmes, films, literature, magazines, are awash with stories and dramas about personal relationships: who-loves-whom, who-is-bonking-whom; who-wants-to-bonk-someone-else; who-is-cheating-on-someone; who-is-angry-with-someone-for-something; who-has-more-money and so can afford luxuries and self-indulgence; and so on ad nauseum. Not only no honour and very little loyalty, but certainly no notion of either duty or Destiny'
    • 'I have denied and do deny the malicious stories about cat-strangling and harming animals and challenged to a duel anyone who spread such allegations-for I find these particular allegations, involving cruelty to animals, quite detestable, being, like Savitri Devi and Adolf Hitler, a person who loves and respects animals.'
    • 'A true, a genuine, National-Socialist does not go around 'hating' people of other races just as National-Socialists are not disrespectful of the customs, the religion, the way of life, of people of other races. As I have said and written many times, we National-Socialists respect other cultures, and people of other races, because we uphold honour. Honour means being civilized; it means having manners: being polite; restrained in public and so on. Honour means treating people with courtesy and respect, regardless of their race and culture. We National-Socialists express the view that a person should be proud of their own culture and heritage, respectful of their ancestors and their ancestral way of life, and accept that other peoples have a right to be proud of their own culture and heritage as well. The ideal is a working toward mutual understanding and respect.'
    • 'Question: I have read somewhere that people say your conversion is insincere and 'may be just a political ploy to advance your own failing anti-establishment agenda'. Is this true? Reply: I can only repeat what I have said, and written, many times since my reversion, which is that I made my Shahadah at a mosque, in front of several Muslim witnesses, and that - while I lived in that area - I regularly went to Namaz there, for over a year. I also have a document testifying my acceptance of Islam, signed by a Qadi and the Imam of a Mosque. In addition, when interviewed by the BBC's Panorama programme some 18 months after my reversion, I made another public declaration that I was a Muslim, Alhamdulillah. But that bit was cut, and not broadcast. Since then, I have made several more such public declarations of my Islam, including one in a letter I sent to a newspaper which repeated such allegations. The newspaper did not publish the letter- so I posted it on an Islamic internet forum. This live dialgue is another public declaration of my Islam, Alhamdulillah.'
    • david myatt

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