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ed harcourt Quotes

Ed Harcourt Quotes



    • It's about, you know, how the world is so...fucking doomed. Sort of an apocalyptic album but I want it to be quite cartoony in a way.
    • Who's to say that every performer should be a good actor? Why can't you just be yourself?
    • When you're on your own. You walk in the rain ~ 'Apple Of My Eye'
    • I drink alot of wine when I'am alone ~ 'Apple Of My Eye'
    • You pretend you're happy. That you've got it all. But don't be upset If you fall on your knees. And beg like a dog. ~ 'Apple Of My Eye'
    • All of your days will be blessed so put on a smile and get dressed into the void we will fly away from here. ~ 'All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed'
    • But you and I know the seasons are slow the rivers they froze, the wind always blows down all our dreams, the engine's out of steam. ~ 'All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed'
    • Bittersweetheart, bittersweetheart you've been good to me. ~ 'Bittersweetheart'
    • Well I've travelled around the earth and still I wonder if I'm the first human being who questions his worth. ~ 'Bittersweetheart'
    • And every word that you speak makes my heart sing when it's weak for often this outlook on life can be bleak. ~ 'Bittersweetheart'
    • I see my body float like leaves. Every day I want to breathe. Rap my knuckles till they bleed. A river deep. ~ 'Bleed A River Deep'
    • If I had sharp claws I'd get on all fours. And scratch your back for free. ~ 'Bleed A River Deep'
    • I'm not scared of dying. I'm not scared of death. I'll keep a smile 'til my last breath. I've loved 'til I've lost. I've lived how I felt. One day I will find peace within myself. ~ 'Braille'
    • I want to take all the sadness. Of the world from your shoulders. I want to take all the sadness. Of the world from your shoulders. I want to take all the sadness. ~ 'Braille'
    • My heartache, is my mistake you see. ~ 'God Protect Your Soul'
    • I can't express myself 'cause I'm not fully grown. ~ 'God Protect Your Soul'
    • I wish I was fiction, I wish I was fact. ~ 'God Protect Your Soul'
    • I need to build a wall around me. But I want to smile with everybody. Would you say that is possessive of me? ~ 'God Protect Your Soul'
    • Yes we feel bad in winter. We act a little bit strange. The dark sky threatens me daily. Makes me alter and mood change, change, change, change. ~ 'God Protect Your Soul'
    • Once I was a shadow of man. Most dark nights my head was in it's hands. ~ 'I'am The Drug'
    • I begged God to cure my aching limbs. But he did nothing, he gave me no advice. Didn't this God abandon Jesus Christ? Oh if it comes to you, I'll die for your sins. ~ 'I'am The Drug'
    • Without me all the lines of reality will blur. ~ 'I'am The Drug'
    • So I said I don't mind if I lose. 'Cause if I win I'll be so confused ~ 'She Fell Into My Arms'
    • And if you need to kiss me. Then you'll most definitely miss me. When I'm gone. ~ 'She Fell Into My Arms'
    • God, you make me sing. Funny things about you You infect my mind. All the time, you do. ~ 'She Fell Into My Arms'
    • There's something in my eye. Bloodshot in disguise. God knows I really tried. Making the big time. Aiming to climb high. ~ 'Something In My Eye'
    • If the world did end. Would you be my apocalyptic friend? ~ 'Until Tomorrow Then'
    • I guess it's you I miss. 'Cause I just stare at the ceiling. My stomach knots and twists. You've created this feeling. And I may be out of style. But do you know what true love is? I'll make this all so worthwhile. So let's rise above this. Let's rise above this. ~ 'Until Tomorrow Then'
    • Oh, I'm staying in today. And watch the others play. Oh, wash my sins away. Like all good children I mean what I say. ~ 'Visit From The Dead Dog'
    • I guess God has the last laugh. From up on high he lets us kill. And his people die for their faith. And we call it triumph of the will. ~ 'Visit From The Dead Dog'
    • ed harcourt

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