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esala tuibua Quotes

Esala Tuibua Quotes



    • 'Even though the military is an establishment having 99 per cent of native Fijians by composition, they still stand true to their duty which they have sworn by Almighty God to perform without prejudice, favour, malice or ill will.'
    • 'After analysing the stand of the military and the Government, I have come to realise that so many things have happened in Fiji in the name of Fijian supremacy and that I cannot be manipulated by anybody else but myself.'
    • 'The reconciliation, tolerance and unity already entrenched in the Bible is more than enough for us to do the only thing left for us to do - to be doers of the Word and not only hear it and deceive ourselves.'
    • 'This makes it morally unchristian for any human to legislate spiritual change since God himself does not force his people to do the same.'
    • 'Christians in this country should start taking another fresher look at their doctrinal content in trying to assume they know the mandate of God.
    • esala tuibua

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