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george, the younger colman Quotes

George, the Younger Colman Quotes



    • On their own merits modest men are dumb.
    • And what 's impossible can't be, And never, never comes to pass.
    • Three stories high, long, dull, and old, As great lords' stories often are.
    • Like two single gentlemen rolled into one.
    • But when ill indeed, E'en dismissing the doctor don't always succeed.
    • When taken, To be well shaken.
    • Thank you, good sir, I owe you one.
    • O Miss Bailey! Unfortunate Miss Bailey!
    • 'T is a very fine thing to be father-in-law To a very magnificent three-tailed Bashaw!
    • I had a soul above buttons.
    • Mynheer Vandunck, though he never was drunk, Sipped brandy and water gayly.
    • george, the younger colman

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