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hatshepsut Quotes

Hatshepsut Quotes


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Thutmose III ascends to the throne of Egypt, although power effectively shifts to Hatshepsut (according to the Low Chronology of the 18th Dynasty).Thursday, April 24th, 1479
In Luxor, Egypt, 62 people are killed by 6 Islamic militants outside the Temple of Hatshepsut, known as Luxor massacre (The police then kill the assailants).Monday, November 17th, 1997


    • Hear ye, all persons! Ye people as many as ye are! I have done this according to the design of my heart. ... I have restored that which was in ruins, I have raised up that which was unfinished since the Asiatics were in the midst of the Northland, and the barbarians were in the midst of them, overthrowing that which was made, while they ruled in ignorance of Re. He did not do according to the divine command until my majesty. When I was firm upon the throne of Re, I was ennobled until the two periods of years...I came as Hor-watit flaming against my enemies.
    • I have commanded that my [titulary] abide like the mountains; when the sun shines its rays are bright upon the titulary of my majesty; my Horus is high upon the standard ... forever.
    • To look upon her was more beautiful than anything; her splendor and her form were divine; she was a maiden, beautiful and blooming.
    • I am his [Ammun-Ra] daughter in very truth, who works for him and knows what he desires. My reward from my father is life, stability, dominion upon the Horus throne of all the Living, like Ra, forever.
    • My command stands firm like mountains, and the sun's disk shines and spreads rays overy the titulary of my august person, and my falcon rises high above the kingly banner unto all eternity.
    • Now my heart turns this way and that, as I think what the people say. Those who shall see my monuments in years to come and who shall speak of what I have done.
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