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heinrich baab Quotes

Heinrich Baab Quotes



    • Don't worry about those Jewish bastards. You'll soon be on your way up the chimney and your troubles will be over.
    • I was an idealist in my profession. If I used such expression as 'Jewish bastard' or 'Jewish sow,' it simply meant that this official language had become so much a part of my flesh and blood that I saw nothing unusual in it. I never used anything but spiritual weapons in dealing with offenders.
    • This creature, this Baab, with his spiritual weapons, was in the end found guilty on fifty-five counts of murder, on twenty-on counts of attempted murder, on thirty counts of assault and battery, and a variety of lesser offences.
    • He had beaten and tortured, dragged shrieking children away from their mothers, despatched his quotas of human cargo in sealed box-cars to the frontier, until finally he was able to declare that there were no more Jews in Frankfurt.
    • There was one young man who sat regularly in a spectator's seat about whom it was later testified that not one thread of his under or outer garments had retained its original color, so drenched were they by his own blood after a visit to Heinrich Baab in 1942.
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