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holy roman emperor charles v Quotes

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V Quotes


holy roman emperor charles v life timeline

Treaty of Toledo signed by King Francis I of France and Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.Thursday, January 12th, 1539
Charles VII Albert becomes Holy Roman Emperor.Wednesday, January 24th, 1742


    • Fortune hath somewhat the nature of a woman; if she be too much wooed, she is the farther off.
    • A man who knows four languages is worth four men.
    • Exterminate heresy, lest it take root and overturn the state and social order.
    • In my realm, the sun never sets. (Nunca se ponia el sol)
    • I make war on the living, not on the dead.
    • I was managed and governed by M. de Chievres, and I was not old enough to know these Kingdoms or experienced enough to govern them. And as I left immediately for Flanders, having spent very little time there, and what is more, being still unmarried and without an heir, it is not surprising that there was scandal and disturbance.
    • I could fit Paris in my Ghent.
    • I see that luck resembles women: it prefers a young king than an old emperor.
    • Iron hand in a velvet glove.
    • My life has been one long journey.
    • There are those who say that I wish to rule the world, but both my thoughts and my deeds demonstrate the contrary.
    • I speak Spanish to God, Italian to Women, French to Men, and German to my Horse.
    • To settle this matter (heresy), I am determined to use my kingdoms and dominions, my friends, my body, my blood, my life and my soul.
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