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james (jimmy) stewart Quotes

James (Jimmy) Stewart Quotes



    • When I got back from the war in 1946 people didn't want the Mr. Smith kind of movie any more, and I refused to make war pictures.
    • I've always been skeptical of people who say they lose themselves in a part. Someone once came up to Spencer Tracy and asked, 'Aren't you tired of always playing Tracy?' Tracy replied, 'What am I supposed to do, play Bogart?' You have to develop a style that suits you and pursue it, not just develop a bag of tricks.
    • If you can do a part and not have the acting show.
    • I've sort of gotten into the habit of looking for the vulnerable guy, the guy who makes mistakes, the guy who can't figure things out all the time but keeps at it.
    • Hollywood dishes out too much praise for small things I won't let it get me, but too much praise can turn a fellow's head if he doesn't watch his step.
    • I'm going to be with Gloria now.
    • Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.
    • Rope: Rupert Cadell
    • Harvey: Elwood P. Dowd
    • It's a Wonderful Life: George Bailey
    • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Jefferson Smith
    • Vertigo: Detective John 'Scottie' Ferguson
    • The Philadelphia Story: Macaulay 'Mike' Connor
    • Rear Window: L.B. Jeffries
    • james (jimmy) stewart

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