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jane monheit Quotes

Jane Monheit Quotes



    • I've listened to Jazz since I was born and always knew I'd be a Jazz singer!
    • I just never doubted it [success as a professional Jazz singer], man. I could tell I was hip. It was just those other kids who didn't know, OK?
    • I tell you, when we travel with our own band and we're on the road . . . Well, I can't even believe this is work.
    • It's not so bad to live out of a suitcase. It's a really beautiful life.
    • It's [Joni Mitchell's 'A Case of You'] been one of my favorite songs for my entire life.
    • From the time I was a baby, this [Jazz] was the music I liked.
    • Jane Monheit is skyrocketing up the jazz charts. By next year, we won't be able to get her. (comment from Allison Stockel, artistic director of the Ridgefield [Connecticut] Playhouse)
    • It [Ella Fitgerald's 'Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas'] is the happiest Christmas album I've ever heard. That album totally changed the way I look at Christmas albums. I loved what a happy, festive album it truly was . . . it's the best music to have playing when you have a Christmas celebration. I wanted my album to feel just like that.
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