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john paul i (pope) Quotes

John Paul I (Pope) Quotes



    • I come without five lire. I want to leave without five lire.
    • In 1815, the official French newspaper Le Moniteur, showed its readers how to follow Napoleon's progress: 'The brigand flees from the island of Elba'; 'The usurper arrives at Grenoble'; ' Napoleon enters Lyons'; 'The Emperor reaches Paris this evening'.
    • Yesterday, a funny thing happened to me on my way to the Conclave.
    • We wish to continue in following up the legacy of the Second Vatican Council whose wise regulations have still to be led to their fulfilment, being careful that a push, generous perhaps, but unduly timed, does not detract from the content and meaning of the council, and on the other hand being careful and reined and timid efforts do not slow up the magnificent drive of renewal and of life.
    • I am at best on the C list for Pope.
    • I will see you tomorrow, if God wills it.
    • For my part, he was God's candidate.
    • john paul i (pope)

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