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karl wolff Quotes

Karl Wolff Quotes



    • We found a round figure of three million Jews in Poland, and then immediately after that came the Russian campaign and we found another five million Jews in Russia. How on Earth could we manage to emigrate this eight million by using long and tiresome official methods if we could not, as was planned somehow or other after the war organise a general and mass-protected and organised emigration to Madagascar? We had conquered France, after all, and we could have compensated France adequately from our other colonial possessions so we could have used Madagascar - the island was big enough to accommodate such a number of Jews - but in the war we were cut off. We had no other choice.
    • My Fuhrer, if it's not possible for you to give me a date for the wonder weapons, we Germans must approach the Anglo-Americans and seek peace.
    • My Fuhrer, I know, it is obvious from interrogations for one thing and from evidence I have from my particular field, that there are naturally differences among these unnatural Allies, but please do not be offended if I say that I do not believe the alliance will split up of itself without our own active intervention. Before that happens we shall be dead or beaten to the ground, and that must not happen - we must do something first.
    • If you repeat to the Fuhrer the story of the radio message from your agent, I won't go to the gallows alone. You and the Reichsfuhrer will hang beside me.
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