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king of england charles ii Quotes

King of England Charles II Quotes



    • Better than a play!
    • He had been, he said, an unconscionable time dying; but he hoped that they would excuse it.
    • Let not poor Nelly starve.
    • I'm definitely the best king in England at the moment.
    • Don't worry Jamie - they'll not kill me to make you King.
    • Now, nephew to your work! St George for England! Hey!
    • I have tried him drunk and I have tried him sober and there is nothing in him.
    • Walk with me, hunt with my brother and do justice by my niece and you will not be fat.
    • Whenever we hear something strange or remarkable, we must tell it to the marines, for with their great service on land and sea they will know whether or not 'tis true.
    • We have a pretty witty king, Whose word no man relies on; He never said a foolish thing, Nor ever did a wise one.
    • If his Majesty is resolved to have my head, he may make a whistle of my arse if he pleases.
    • king of england charles ii

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