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king of england edward viii Quotes

King of England Edward VIII Quotes



    • You must believe me when I tell you that I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as King as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love.
    • '[The Indian princes'] ceremonies are so irritating and ridiculous' (Ziegler, King Edward VIII, 116)
    • On seeing the great archaeological finds at Taxila, in Punjab, 'This place ought never to have been dug up.' (Ziegler, King Edward VIII, 140)
    • Of Etienne Dupach, the editor of the Nassau Daily Tribune: 'It must remembered that Dupach is more than half Negro, and due to the peculiar mentality of this Race, they seem unable to rise to prominence without losing their equilibrium.' (Ziegler, King Edward VIII, 448)
    • To John Kenneth Galbraith, who had been appointed American ambassador to India, 'I hear you are going to In-jea. A most interesting country. I had a very good time there in my early youth. You must do the pig-sticking in Rajasthan. And you will find the people most agreeable in their own way. They have been most uncommonly decent to my niece.' (Galbraith, Ambassador's Journal, 36)
    • To Gore Vidal (who described the Duke as having 'always had something of...riveting stupidity to say on any subject'), 'British Empire. First trip to India. Glorious. Never would have believed it would all be gone in my lifetime. Not possible, I'd've thought. I am the last king-emperor, you know. My brother was, for a time, but had to give it up. I didn't' (Vidal, Palimpsest, 206)
    • In conversation with Mona Bismarck and Gore Vidal, 'Mona said, 'Did you see Gore's new play The Best Man when you were in New York?' 'Of course not.'...'Don't like plays, only shows.' He meant musical comedies.' (Vidal, Palimpsest, 206)
    • Discussing coronation ceremonies with Vidal, 'I quickly moved on to...the moment when two masons appear and ask the newly crowned king for instructions as to his tomb. 'Masons? Masons! Yes. You one? I'm one. But I've forgotten all the odds and ends. Dull, really.' (Vidal, Palimpsest, 206)
    • Italy: '...they are indeed a repulsive nation these dagoes, both the men and the women & I'm just longing to quit them for good & all !!!' (18 September 1918)
    • Cologne, Germany: 'Claud & I had a stroll in the centre of town afterwards & had great fun making the Hun men civilians get off the pavement for us .... It does one worlds of good to know how humiliating it must be for the Huns' (9 January 1919)
    • Quebec City, Canada: 'A rotten priest-ridden community who are the completest passengers & who won't do their bit in anything & of course not during the war !!' (23 Aug 1919)
    • Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan, Canadian Indians: 'I've told you what a foul decadent lazy crowd they are & what I think of them !! But this camp is pitched right inside an Indian reserve ... & we have hundreds of the mouldy local tribe camped around us' (6 October 1919)
    • Barbados: 'A proper bum island this Barbados....It's a unique sort of scenery, very ugly, & I didn't take much to the coloured population, who are revolting.' (26-27 March 1920)
    • Panama: '...a deadly spot the end of the world almost....There are 20,000 British coloured people working on the canal...; they are mostly from Jamaica & smell too revolting for words....the Panamanians are a very queer people, all dagoes of course, though very pompous and dirty' (31 March - 1 April 1920)
    • Honolulu, Hawaii: (At a luau) '...a unique native stunt though the Hawaiian food we were made to eat was too revolting for words....One got rather tired of the native songs & longed for some of our tunes' (14 April 1920)
    • Outside Adelaide, Australia: '...they showed us some of the native aborigines at a wayside station in the great plain yesterday afternoon though they are the most revolting form of living creatures I've ever seen !! They are the lowest known form of human beings & are the nearest thing to monkeys I've ever seen' (11 July 1920)
    • Acapulco, Mexico: '...queer, dirty little dago town....The people are too revolting for words, super dagoes & some of them are quite black as a result of Spaniards inter-breeding with the Indians; & of course they only speak Spanish' (9 September 1920)
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