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konstantin rokossovsky Quotes

Konstantin Rokossovsky Quotes



    • The German army is a machine, and machines can be broken!
    • In Russia, they say I'm a Pole, in Poland they call me Russian.
    • The troops of the Don Front at 4pm on February 2nd, 1943 completed the rout and destruction of the encircled group of enemy forces in Stalingrad. Twenty-two divisions have been destroyed or taken prisoner.
    • I have been placed under surveillance, and I can't take a step without it being known to the Polish minister of internal affairs.
    • I am a citizen of the Soviet Union and I think sharp measures need to be taken against anti-Soviet forces that are trying to make their way into the leadership. In addition, it is vitally important to maintain the lines of communication with Germany through Poland.
    • For me, Comrade Stalin is a God.
    • The KV tanks left the enemy literally stunned. They withstood the fire of every type of cannon which the German tanks were armed with. But, what an image was offered when they returned from combat. Their armours were full of holes everywhere, and sometimes even the cannons were perforated!
    • Rokossovsky was a different type of general from Zhukov. Although a good soldier, he was not exceptionally brilliant.
    • He was tall, blond and handsome, every inch the dashing half-Polish cavalry officer.
    • Rokossovsky was an imposing figure, tall, very good-looking, and well dressed; I understand he was a bachelor and was much admired by ladies.
    • I have no Suvorov, but Rokossovsky is my Bagration.
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