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lawrence kudlow Quotes

Lawrence Kudlow Quotes



    • Either you believe in markets, or you believe in government.
    • If stocks are optimistic, then so am I.
    • Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity!
    • The Bush boom is alive and well. It's finishing up its sixth splendid year with many more years to come.
    • I'm here to help you cut through the maze.
    • Stop this daily nitpick.
    • Our goal is to show you how freedom at home goes hand in hand with freedom and democracy overseas.
    • [...] [O]ur capitalist free-market economy is the best path to prosperity.
    • I see the manure. Now let's find the pony.
    • About Henry Merritt 'Hank' Paulson Jr. [12/10/07]: 'Like a boy with his back to a fire hydrant !'
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