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leonid govorov Quotes

Leonid Govorov Quotes



    • We are going for the enemy's fortifications. Artillery is doing its share in every phase of the battle. Automatic weapons are so extensively used to-day that we cannot possibly limit our operation to silencing enemy gun emplacements. Drive them underground? No, we have to wipe them out! The artillerymen can no longer be guided merely by orders for the infantry. It is waging battle in its own right.
    • The leading force in the struggle for peace and for strengthening cooperation among the peoples is the Soviet Union.
    • The Germans had thought they could replace light artillery with mortars, believing it unnecessary to furnish their troops with light guns and howitzers. The theory was wrong as they found out during the invasion.
    • Further strengthening of the defense capacity of our country demands of all Soviet warriors stubbornness and persistent work.
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