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Lyndon Johnson Quotes


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In Dallas, Texas, US President John F. Kennedy is killed and Texas Governor John B. Connally is seriously wounded by an assassin, identified as Lee Harvey Oswald, who was later captured and charged with the murder of police officer J. D. Tippit. That same day, US Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as the 36th President of the United States.Friday, November 22nd, 1963
Vietnam War: Newly sworn-in US President Lyndon B. Johnson confirms that the United States intends to continue supporting South Vietnam both militarily and economically.Sunday, November 24th, 1963
U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson establishes the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.Friday, November 29th, 1963
President Lyndon B. Johnson declares a "War on Poverty" in the United States.Wednesday, January 8th, 1964
U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson announces the goals of his Great Society social reforms to bring an "end to poverty and racial injustice" in America.Friday, May 22nd, 1964
President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964 meant to prohibit segregation in public places.Thursday, July 2nd, 1964
Vietnam War: The U.S. Congress passes the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution giving US President Lyndon B. Johnson broad war powers to deal with North Vietnamese attacks on American forces.Friday, August 7th, 1964
Vietnam War: National Security Council members agree to recommend that U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson adopt a plan for a two-stage escalation of bombing in North Vietnam.Saturday, November 28th, 1964
Vietnam War: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson and his top-ranking advisers meet to discuss plans to bomb North Vietnam.Tuesday, December 1st, 1964
United States President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaims his "Great Society" during his State of the Union address.Monday, January 4th, 1965
President Lyndon B. Johnson, responding to the Selma crisis, tells U.S. Congress "We shall overcome" while advocating the Voting Rights Act.Monday, March 15th, 1965
Vietnam War: US President Lyndon B. Johnson announces his order to increase the number of United States troops in South Vietnam from 75,000 to 125,000.Wednesday, July 28th, 1965
US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Social Security Act of 1965 into law, establishing Medicare and Medicaid.Friday, July 30th, 1965
US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act of 1965 into United States law.Friday, August 6th, 1965
Vietnam War: The Pentagon tells U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson that if planned operations are to succeed, the number of American troops in Vietnam has to be increased from 120,000 to 400,000.Saturday, November 27th, 1965
Lyndon B. Johnson states that the United States should stay in South Vietnam until Communist aggression there is ended.Wednesday, January 12th, 1966
President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Freedom of Information Act into United States law. The act goes into effect the next year.Monday, July 4th, 1966
U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, responding to a sniper attack at the University of Texas at Austin, writes a letter to the United States Congress urging the enactment of gun control legislation.Thursday, September 15th, 1966
U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signs into law an antitrust exemption allowing the National Football League to merge with the upstart American Football League.Tuesday, November 8th, 1966
U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson nominates Solicitor-General Thurgood Marshall to become the first black justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.Tuesday, June 13th, 1967
Cold War: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson meets with Soviet Premier Aleksei Kosygin in Glassboro, New Jersey for the three-day Glassboro Summit Conference.Friday, June 23rd, 1967
Vietnam War: US President Lyndon B. Johnson and "The Wise Men" conclude that the American people should be given more optimistic reports on the progress of the war.Thursday, November 2nd, 1967
US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, establishing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.Tuesday, November 7th, 1967
Vietnam War: Acting on optimistic reports he was given on November 13, US President Lyndon B. Johnson tells his nation that, while much remained to be done, "We are inflicting greater losses than we re taking...We are making progress."Friday, November 17th, 1967
President Lyndon B. Johnson announces he will not run for re-election.Sunday, March 31st, 1968
President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1968, prohibiting discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of housing.Thursday, April 11th, 1968


    • And I just want to tell you this - we're in favor of a lot of things and we're against mighty few.
    • ... making a speech on economics is a lot like pissing down your leg. It seems hot to you, but it never does to anyone else.
    • At times history and fate meet at a single time in a single place to shape a turning point in man's unending search for freedom. So it was at Lexington and Concord. So it was a century ago at Appomattox. So it was last week in Selma, Alabama. There is no Negro problem. There is no southern problem. There is no northern problem. There is only an American problem. Many of the issues of civil rights are very complex and most difficult. But about this there can and should be no argument. Every American citizen must have the right to vote...Yet the harsh fact is that in many places in this country men and women are kept from voting simply because they are Negroes... No law that we now have on the books...can insure the right to vote when local officials are determined to deny it... There is no Constitutional issue here. The command of the Constitution is plain. There is no moral issue. It is wrong-deadly wrong-to deny any of your fellow Americans the right to vote in this country. There is no issue of States' rights or National rights. There is only the struggle for human rights.
    • We do not want an expanding struggle with consequences, that no one can perceive, nor will we bluster or bully or flaunt our power, but we will not surrender and we will not retreat, for behind our American pledge lies the determination and resources, I believe, of all of the American nation.
    • I do not find it easy to send the flower of our youth, our finest young men, into battle.
    • We know that most people's intentions are good. We don't question their motives, we've never said they're unpatriotic. Although they say some pretty ugly things about us. And we believe very strongly on preserving the right to differ in this country, and the right to dissent, and if I have done a good job of anything since I've been president, it's to insure that there are plenty of dissenters.
    • It's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.
    • I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President.
    • Ford's economics are the worst thing that's happened to this country since pantyhose ruined finger-fucking.
    • Now listen, George, don't think about 1968. Think about 1988. You and me, we'll be dead and gone, then, George. [...] What do you want left after you, when you die? Do you want a great big marble monument that reads, 'George Wallace: He Built.' Or do you want a little piece of pine board lying across that harsh caliche soil that reads, 'George Wallace: He Hated.'
    • Don't spit in the soup. We've all got to eat.
    • Don't worry son. It's my prerogative.
    • Education is equipping our children to walk through doors of opportunity.
    • Fuck your parliament and your constitution.
    • Frank, are you trying to fuck me? [...] your boys just shat on the American flag.
    • I knew he wasn't an American.
    • I never trust a man till I have his pecker in my pocket.
    • I seldom think of politics more than 18 hours a day.
    • If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost Middle America.
    • If two men agree on everything, you can be sure one of them is doing the thinking.
    • If you have had your foot on the neck of a man for three hundred years, and then take it off, do you expect him to get up and thank you?
    • If you let a bully come into your garden one day, the next day he'll be up on your porch, and the day after that he'll rape your wife in your own bed.
    • My generals are always right about other people's wars and wrong about our own.
    • We have just lost the South for a generation.
    • We learned from Hitler at Munich that success only feeds the appetite for aggression.
    • You know, doing what is right is easy. The problem is knowing what is right.
    • You're asking the leader of the Western world a chickenshit question like that?
    • You do not examine legislation in light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in light of the wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause if improperly administered.
    • For this is what America is all about. It is the uncrossed desert and the unclimbed ridge. It is the star that is not reached and the harvest sleeping in the unplowed ground. Is our world gone? We say 'Farewell.' Is a new world coming? We welcome it -- and we will bend it to the hopes of man.
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