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mary antin Quotes

Mary Antin Quotes



    • Outside America I should hardly be believed if I told how simply, in my experience, Dover Street merged into the Back Bay.
    • It is painful to be consciously of two worlds. The Wandering Jew in me seeks forgetfulness. I am not afraid to live on and on, if only I do not have to remember too much. A long past vividly remembered is like a heavy garment that clings to your limbs when you would run.
    • A little instruction in the elements of chartography-a little practice in the use of the compass and the spirit level, a topographical map of the town common, an excursion with a road map-would have given me a fat round earth in place of my paper ghost.
    • A proper autobiography is a death-bed confession. A true man finds so much work to do that he has no time to contemplate his yesterdays; for to-day and to-morrow are here, with their impatient tasks. The world is so busy, too, that it cannot afford to study any man's unfinished work; for the end may prove it a failure, and the world needs masterpieces.
    • Encyclopaedia Brittanica's Guide to Women
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