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mick beddoes Quotes

Mick Beddoes Quotes



    • 'It certainly brings to focus how utterly screwed up things have become in Fiji when we accept without question someone being jailed for stealing six buns and $200, yet try to justify legitimising treason, murder, rioting and looting through the bill. It is a sad reflection of just how far the greater interests of all our people has been ignored in order to accommodate the interests of a select few in our society.' (27 July 2005)
    • 'Our country weeps today because we have lost our way and this has occurred because we have allowed political expediency and racial superiority to become the basis by which we govern our multi-ethnic and multicultural society.'
    • 'I believe very strongly that we can achieve great things for ourselves, our people and our country provided we focus on the things that unite us and disregard the things that divide us.'
    • 'Tough times never last but tough people do. And the resilience of our people over the past 18 years makes me believe that we have what it takes to emerge from our current setback.'
    • mick beddoes

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