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nat (king) cole Quotes

Nat (King) Cole Quotes



    • A buzzard took the monkey for a ride in the air The monkey thought that everything was on the square The buzzard tried to throw the monkey off his back But the monkey grabbed his neck and said - 'Now listen, Jack...' 'Straighten up and fly right Straighten up and fly right Straighten up and fly right Cool down, papa, don't you blow your top.'
    • The buzzard told the monkey 'You're chokin' me Release your hold and I'll set you free' The monkey looked the buzzard right dead in the eye and said 'Your story's touching but it sounds like a lie.'
    • I felt something impossible for me to explain in words. Then when they took her away, it hit me. I got scared all over again and began to feel giddy. Then it came to me- I was a father.'
    • Madison Avenue is afraid of the dark.
    • I'm a businessman. I work for business people. The kind of thing they say is: Now we've sold a lot of records, let's sell some more.
    • I'm a musician at heart, I know I'm not really a singer. I couldn't compete with real singers. But I sing because the public buys it.
    • Critics don't buy records. They get 'em free.
    • I guess I just get to the heart of people's feelings, that's all.
    • I took a chance on 'Nature Boy', though I think 'Lost April' is a much better song. The public liked 'Nature Boy' because it was something different.
    • You can't cling to the past. Too many different things are coming into the world.
    • He was cool before it was cool to be cool.
    • I think what makes him so compelling as an artist, is that there is a tragic beauty in him. The sadness comes through in his singing.
    • For as long as there is some way for people to be able to hear that voice, there will be those who will be influenced by his voice.
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