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nigel farage Quotes

Nigel Farage Quotes



    • Right now the [European] Constitution is mere paper, with no bearing upon the British people, although they might find it good for doorstops, good for real fires and good for fish and chips.
    • This [European] Constitution does not reflect the thoughts, hopes and aspirations of ordinary people. It does nothing for jobs or economic growth and widens further still the democratic deficit. The gap between the governors and the governed is now a gaping chasm.
    • We seek an amicable divorce from the political European Union and its replacement with a genuine free trade agreement, which is what we thought we signed up to in the first place.
    • Prime Minister...Its often been said that you want to be the permanent President of Europe, please stay on for another six months. Six more months... and they'll kick us out
    • If people are going to come and live in this country they've got to be British, they've got to be loyal to Britain.
    • nigel farage

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