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paul martin Quotes

Paul Martin Quotes

Birth Date: 1938-08-28 (Sunday, August 28th, 1938)
Date of Death: 1987-03-21 (Saturday, March 21st, 1987)


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Prime Minister Paul Martin announces that Michaelle Jean will be Canada s 27th - and first black - Governor General.Thursday, August 4th, 2005


    • Canada's position was Saddam Hussein should be disarmed. Now, to be quite honest, I had a lot of difficulty understanding how he was going to be disarmed without being replaced.
    • I really think Canada should get over to Iraq as quickly as possible. There's a huge need for front-line medical professionals. There's a huge need for policing. And there's a huge need for infrastructure rebuilding.
    • The fact that now we know well that there is proliferation of nuclear weapons and that many of the weapons that Saddam Hussein had, for example, we do not know where they are, so that means the terrorists have access to all that.
    • Put simply, we must always remember that separate but equal is not equal.
    • 'I mean if there are going to be missiles that are going off and there are going to be going off over Canadian airspace whether we want it or not, no I don't think that is acceptable. I think that we want to be at the table.'
    • 'I don't think there is any doubt, if there ever was . . . that Saddam Hussein does have weapons of mass destruction. Biological weapons that they discovered were very clear evidence of not only the fact that he had them, but that he had lied and that he is continuing to lie.'
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