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raven symone Quotes

Raven Symone Quotes



    • 'My fans know I love my cheese grits with shrimp, and I'm not giving them up to be a size 2. They know I wear a weave to make my hair look right and I don't always look glamorous all the time. I don't even worry about that type of stuff that much. You're not going to see me with clothes that just let everything hang out. And it's not because of my size, but because it's just not me.'
    • 'I love to sing. With this album, I'm just trying to be who I really am. This is my time.'
    • 'Though acting came first, I love to sing,'
    • 'I didn't want to be limited to just one genre.'
    • 'I asked the label executives, 'Why can't I sing everything?''
    • 'I've always written poetry but never had the courage to really express myself until now.'
    • 'It's not necessary to flaunt your body or talk nasty'
    • 'If you just give a look or a hand gesture, you can catch whoever you want to catch. Your personality, the way you portray yourself, what you say, being intelligent; that's what 'Mystify' is about.'
    • 'With my earlier albums, I was too young to understand that the writing is the most important part of expressing yourself. With this album I get the chance to express what I have to say.'
    • Ya lil' nasty!
    • Wait... I think I'm Getting Something!
    • Loca, Get The Stuff!
    • And Chelsea, that would be bringing it up!
    • Chelsea... Chelsea... Your Foot!
    • Oh Snap!
    • I'm Okay!
    • [in Russian accent] Oh snapski.
    • No, Chels, you have to overstretch it because when you let go, it's gonna snap back into shape. OK, let go!
    • Thanks for the newsflash, Chels.
    • [throws bookbag to Eddie] Heads up.
    • [while making wig for 70s night] You know 'cause he ditched us. And all the girls
    • HUSH! Hushski, Hushhushski, that is my dog. He is a Siberian Polar Poodle.
    • While I guess it's time for me to go around the cornerrr!
    • [talking to Loca and Muffy] No, I wanted to get rid of you!
    • Okay, for the next 20 minutes, that office, is mine.
    • That's not my heart, Chels, somebody is throwing a ball against my...face. You stay right there, you little nasty! [goes downstairs to give ball back to Sierra]
    • You know, I'm sorry I've been acting weird lately. I just want you to know I'm a kind, loving, completely normal...[has a vision]...oh snap, you little nasty!
    • [to Sierra] Thanks, you're not so bad of a nasty yourself.
    • Yeah, and my foot is like a pendulum. It will keep SWINGING!
    • You're Stone Cold Busted!
    • [to Donna Cabonna] YES, 24-7!
    • True, true. I didn't like you when you walked in the door. 'WACKA WACKA WACKA!'
    • [just cheated on HOOK UP MY SPACE! and camera just zoomed in on Raven] Hey, America, How yall doin'.
    • Yes, I do. It's time to HOOK UP MY SPACE!
    • Now that is ridiculous. I mean, who would watch a show about a teen psychic?
    • I saw the future and it was HUGE! It was like attack of the giant booties. I'm talking about a lotta junk in the trunk comin'
    • HEY! Are yall spying on my dream? I'm angry, I'm awake, and I'm coming to getcha!
    • Scratching on the turntables! I mean, Whiskers was like 'mickehmickehmeowmickehmickehmeow!'
    • Let's get to work, Biscuithead.
    • So I have these occasional visions that may or may not come true. [to Nikki Logan]
    • Turkey leg or turkey leg...where for out though turkey leg (takes bite) In my stomache turkey leg
    • Did you just through this blanket in me when i was just sittin' here chillin'?
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