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robert mannyng Quotes

Robert Mannyng Quotes



    • Als thai haf wryten and sayd Haf I alle in myn Inglis layd, In symple speche as I couthe, That is lightest in mannes mouthe. I mad noght for no disours, Ne for no seggers, no harpours, Bot for the luf of symple men That strange Inglis can not ken.
    • He felle dede doun colde as ony stone.
    • No thyng ys to man so dere As wommanys love yn gode manere. A gode womman is mannys blys.
    • There ys no solas undyr hevene Of al that a man may nevene That shuld a man so moche glew As a gode womman that loveth trew.
    • And thy traveyle shalt thou sone ende, For to thy long home sone shalt thou wende.
    • The range of his sympathies and interests makes Handlyng Synne the best picture of English life before Langland and Chaucer.
    • robert mannyng

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