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rolim amaro Quotes

Rolim Amaro Quotes



    • Airlines have to look like their owners.
    • To obtain credibility, an unending series of daily correct actions are necessary. To lose it, one mistake is enough.
    • God, from atop his wisdom, was socialist only in one factor: the distribution of time. It's equal for all.
    • Those who need excuses deserve not be excused.
    • The arguments of the strong are valued more than the strongest arguments.
    • Work towards the cause, not the effect.
    • The path to success is not making one thing 100% better, but in making 100 things 1% better.
    • The superfluous does not deserve to be enhanced.
    • The elitist is someone whose education is greater than his intelligence.
    • The synthesis of my life was the act of gaining time.
    • It's best that pilots learn in other people's planes.
    • What my experience, acquired in the worst possible way, shows is that in aviation no two accidents are alike.
    • The customer who calls or writes me is an invaluable asset. He deserves positive responses.
    • The worst customer is the silent customer. He is faithful to no one. We want the client to interact with us, writing to us and criticizing us.
    • A CEO need not understand deeply administrative, technical or political issues. But when it comes to implementing his vision, be it in improving services, contributing to society or improving the company's and employee's lives, he must be an uncontested leader.
    • TAM only got to where it is because it always balanced its commitment to customers on one side with its commitment to suppliers on the other, with its equillibrium based on morals and ethics.
    • The limit to our growth should be the quality of our services.
    • Try to instill in every employee the notion of being the company as a whole. If the employee thinks as if he were the company, the company doesn't have employees, but entrepreneurs.
    • If the economic crisis comes, and it is always near, do not lay people off. Use them in sales.
    • The leader of a company should not hesitate at any moment to harden his rhetoric when necessary; to unsheath his sword when called upon, without fear of being called a radical. In fact, what assures his legitimacy is his personal conviction that the company and its longevity must always be relentlessly pursued.
    • By promoting happiness to people, I feel TAM fulfills its role that we envisioned. And by doing so in an ethical manner, I feel fulfilled. I find myself having met the 42 hours of work required of me by my contract by Wednesday at noon, and that in that challenge I find my motivation to work the rest of the week with the same enthusiasm.
    • If you'd like to be happy, take your happiness from making others happy. Customers or not.
    • He who is not smart enough to create, must be brave enough to copy.
    • Profit is the consequence of a service rendered, not of a deal made.
    • The only we think we don't outsource is our intelligence.
    • People have said I'm a man of vision. What they don't know is that I'm surrounded by people who see farther than I do.
    • The customer, as everyone knows, is a specific being with individual demands. Because of this, his satisfaction cannot be achieved by any measure through uniform solutions.
    • It's no use firing an employee who made an involuntary mistake is his action was triggered by an eagerness to succeed.
    • To hire somebody, I invite him to lunch and watch how he eats. If he eats fast, I'll hire him. If he eats slowly, he's no good. He who eats slowly is thinking more about himself than his job.
    • From government I want enough proximity to be defended by it and enough distance to not be harmed by it.
    • It seems to me that political parties or the state cannot, in any society, change human nature. We, however, could and should try to create a structure with which we disencourage the worse and bring about the good and natural sides of man and society.
    • The redistribution of wealth through taxes is not the solution. It has ignored and punished the constructive effort, making the talent used for developing new businesses (which create more jobs and new wealth) dull.
    • There is nothing in the world which guarantees wealth distribution before its creation.
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