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samuel lover Quotes

Samuel Lover Quotes



    • A baby was sleeping, Its mother was weeping, For her husband was far on the wild-raging sea.
    • Reproof on her lip, but a smile in her eye.
    • For dhrames always go by conthraries, my dear.
    • 'That 's eight times to-day that you 've kissed me before.' 'Then here goes another,' says he, 'to make sure, For there 's luck in odd numbers,' says Rory O'More.
    • As she sat in the low-backed car The man at the turn-pike bar Never asked for the toll But just rubbed his auld poll And looked after the low-backed car.
    • Sure my love is all crost Like a bud in the frost And there's no use at all in my going to bed, For 't is dhrames and not slape that comes into my head!
    • And with my advice, faith I wish you'd take me.
    • Sure the shovel and tongs To each other belongs.
    • samuel lover

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