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sarah helen whitman Quotes

Sarah Helen Whitman Quotes



    • Star of resplendent front! Thy glorious eye Shines on me still from out yon clouded sky.
    • Tell him I lingered alone on the shore, Where we parted, in sorrow, to meet nevermore; The night-wind blew cold on my desolate heart But colder those wild words of doom,-'Ye must part.'
    • The sweet imperious mouth, whose haughty valor Defied all portents of impending doom.
    • Warm lights are on the sleepy uplands waning Beneath dark clouds along the horizon rolled, Till the slant sunbeams through the fringes raining Bathe all the hills in melancholy gold.
    • Enchantress of the stormy seas, Priestess of Night's high mysteries.
    • The summer skies are darkly blue, The days are still and bright, And Evening trails her robes of gold Through the dim halls of Night.
    • Raven from the dim dominions On the Night's Plutonian shore, Oft I hear thy dusky pinions Wave and flutter round my door- See the shadow of thy pinions Float along the moonlit floor.
    • sarah helen whitman

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