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scott r. kurtz Quotes

Scott R. Kurtz Quotes



    • 'Can't hear you. I'm inside my protective blanket of fear.'
    • 'Men may control the free world, but women control the boobs.'
    • 'You're a corporate whore, Merry Christmas.'
    • 'My brain is hung like a horse!'
    • 'Yeah, humans are pretty cool, but if you hang out with them too long, they start treating you like a mascot.'
    • 'Despite the fact that my weapons and armor are in desperate need of repair, I blow the entire reward on ale and whores.'
    • 'I would, but I'm going to be busy all day converting beer into pee.'
    • 'Cole, would it be okay if I crapped myself right now?'
    • scott r. kurtz

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