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sergei akhromeyev Quotes

Sergei Akhromeyev Quotes



    • We are not pursuing research to develop ABM space systems. There are studies to improve systems of warning against a missile attack, communications and navigation systems and to develop ground-based ABM defences.
    • If it is necessary we will find a quick answer and it will not be the way the United States expects it. It will be an answer that devalues the 'Star Wars' program.
    • Think of the 40 years of confrontation. What is it we gained?...The old style has exposed itself: it is fruitless.
    • If both sides reduced their long-range missiles by 50%, SDI would be an unacceptable threat to the remaining Soviet rocket forces.
    • The longer the war drags on, more and more civilians are getting killed.
    • sergei akhromeyev

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