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seyran ohanyan Quotes

Seyran Ohanyan Quotes



    • Yes, I have received an offer to be appointed as chief of the Armenian army's General Staff and have already accepted it.
    • The authorities are those who are clever, strong and smart, but if the process gets out of control of the commanders, it becomes something negative.
    • As head of a military structure I am responsible for the realization of military issues. If you want to have everlasting peace, you must be ready for war. We must be ready to face any provocation. The military problems of Karabakh were solved before 1994. The Nagorno Karabakh Republic which de facto exists today testifies to it.
    • Nagorno Karabakh has de facto decided its case, however it should have been fixed during talks.
    • Generally, (military) exercises not only contribute to the testing of professional skills and inter-operability of participating units and personnel, but also are a good opportunity for the units from various states, interested in the overall security and stability of our region, to develop combined operations and jointly implement given tasks as a team. Therefore Armenia has always been willing to host such events and open its welcoming doors to the participants by trying to provide for them the most comfortable working environment.
    • Progress is evident, all the tasks presented to the participants of the military exercises were accomplished. The exercises were primarily directed at the improvement of Officers' skills and rise of the level of cooperation between different divisions. During the military exercises, we also managed to raise the level of field preparedness of the staff.
    • The Military-Aviation Institute has made a great contribution to the development of our young army. Today its socio-economic and living conditions and the technical bases allow to prepare the best specialists for the units of the Armenian Army. The efficiency of our Armed Forces is the main factor ensuring the peaceful life of the Armenian people, and every Lieutenant must realize that he's one of the elements of unity which the general efficiency of the Armed Forces is dependant upon.
    • Today the management and the communication in the armed forces are founded. We managed to form the army in a very short period of time, and our army is equal to others of developed countries. We are obliged to serve as soldiers. As for my personal patriotic ideology...patriotism should not be talked about, but it should be seen through our activities. The army is the future of our country...and how the borders of our country should be protected. We need to teach this to our children not only in the army, as military necessity, but also in schools and institutions.
    • Any attempt at demonstrating (rallies) will immediately result in adequate and strict reaction by the armed forces.
    • seyran ohanyan

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